Pinnacle Energy Services has a long history of working in industrial and manufacturing settings.  We understand the general culture and we understand the energy technologies employed.  In an environment where ROI’s are often measured in months not years, our focus is in satisfying all three stakeholder issues of profits, people, and planet.

Pinnacle Energy Services is an experienced, responsive and reliable partner and our work shows up in positive cash-flows.  It shows up in positive results on yearly CSR/Sustainability reports.  It shows up in the category of pro-active risk management.  These are examples of what we deliver but our mode is in elevating ideas.

We serve as technical eyes for our clients evaluating either their existing systems or their future project ideas and lift up new ideas on how to improve upon the.  We provide data-based, technical due diligence to go along with our design consulting.  And when armed with project requirements such as ROI, budget, turn-around, square footage, etc we can be combined with an internal project team or “set loose” on facility systems to break down utility efficiency  and generate capital and in-house projects ideas that meet the prescribed definition.

We are PE licensed in mechanical and electrical disciplines and carry staff credentials including CEM, LEED-AP, and CxA.

Elevating Ideas That Reduce.