Rebate Assistance

There are many reasons to use green building practices. Some of the more popular reasons are the numerous rebate assistance programs, tax incentives, and loan programs available for building owners and large-scale operations that develop high levels of energy efficiency or engage in use of certain types of sustainable technologies.

We can help owners and managers understand the criteria for eligibility in these programs, comply with any regulatory guidelines, and document the performance of the various systems where necessary. outlines the various incentive opportunities for plant and industrial-scale operations. Some of the programs available through the federal government and the state of Arkansas include:


Other rebate assistance and tax incentive programs may be available depending on the type of project being developed or type of industry.

Project profile: Rockline Industries wanted to improve their overall energy efficiency, reinforce their “green” image with customers, and improve their score in the Sustainability Supplier Assessment, a vendor performance grading system established by Walmart, one of Rockline’s largest customers.

The project challenge was to expand manufacturing capability in their Booneville, Arkansas plant but do so using sustainable strategies and practices. We were able to meet this goal while also complying with the existing regulatory challenges associated with their care products which stipulated specific space conditions controlling space pressurization, air changes, temperature, and humidity parameters. Learn more about this revolutionary project…

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