Whether building a new home, renovating a current home, or looking for strategies to improve your home’s energy efficiency, Pinnacle Energy Services offers services that include home energy audits, home energy surveys, HERS ratings, and Rebate Assistance.

Across the nation, local governments are passing ordinances that require homes to be energy rated. Programs such as the Home Energy Rating System or HERS program serve as standards in the effort to increase energy efficiency and builders’ accountability in their use of green building practices.

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City of Fayetteville, Arkansas adopts new building energy code, and adds HERS Rating requirement.

In 2012 the City of Fayetteville enacted an ordinance that adopted the 2009 edition of the International Energy Conservation Code, and added the requirement that all new home construction receive a Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) HERS Index Score.
For weatherization or retrofit projects of existing homes, Pinnacle Energy Services offers energy auditing services with staff certified by the Building Performance Institute, Inc. (BPI) Our auditors are intimately familiar with the national BPI standards for residential energy efficiency and are highly trained in providing practical energy and comfort solutions to homeowners.

What Energy Services do I need?

I'm building a new home in Fayetteville. What energy service do I need to meet the city ordinance? HERS Rating
I'm looking to reduce my energy bill costs on an existing home. Comprehensive Energy Audit
I'm not sure if my existing home is inefficient or not and I'm looking for a relatively quick and inexpensive way to determine where my house stands with respect to energy efficiency. Energy Survey
I have a new or existing home that I'm selling and I would like to quantify just how energy efficient and well-built it is. HERS Rating
I'm a builder preparing to construct a home and would like help in making design decisions to make sure I will achieve a specific HERS rating score (i.e. to satisfy Energy Star). HERS Rating (Projected)
There are certain areas of my home that are NOT comfortable! (Too hot, cold, damp, drafty, etc.) Energy Survey/Comprehensive Energy Audit