What are Building Commissioning Services?

Ever wonder who proves out the actual performance of a building during construction?

+Architects and engineers provide building and system design.

+General Contractors provide construction management.

+Sub-contractors construct and install the building and its constituent systems.

+Distributors sell the materials, equipment and components that go into the building.

+Manufacturers fabricate and assemble the materials and equipment destined for the project.

But, who actually tests the various systems to verify that they are operating according to design? Historically in the building industry, the unfortunate answer is “none of them.” Owners have largely been left to “de-bug” buildings themselves after occupancy.

Pinnacle Energy Services Commissioning Services

Our staff works with building owners and facilities managers through all the stages of building development or renovation, including:
• design review,
• installation verification,
• correct system starts,
• performance testing of all functions,
• operations and maintenance (O & M) training, and
• documentation of all HVAC systems.

As commissioning authorities, we test systems by challenging them to perform as originally designed in all possible intended modes of operation. Toward the end of projects, we provide O & M staff training in order to ensure quality systems performance for the continued life of the building.

We approach each project with a highly visible and team-centered methodology, built upon a solid foundation of mechanical and electrical engineering experience. Our clients appreciate the highly practical value Pinnacle commissioning authorities offer by being experts in (and patient enough to explain the technical aspects of) high performance building design, installation, and operation.

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