Rebate Assistance

Purchasing equipment and systems above code minimum often comes with a price premium.  Thankfully there are a number of rebate programs, tax incentives, and loan programs available for building owners to defray some of these costs.  But while they are certainly worth pursuing they tend to come with their own brand of overhead in terms of administrative processing, technical evaluation (such as pre & post install Measurement & Verification) and utility coordination.

We can help owners and managers understand the criteria for eligibility in these programs, comply with any regulatory guidelines, and document the performance of the various systems where necessary. outlines the various incentive opportunities for plant and industrial-scale operations. Some of the programs available through the federal government and the state of Arkansas include:

  • – A great assembly of energy education information and incentive programs from the Arkansas Energy Office.
  • DSIRE  – The “Desire” site is just one of the great energy resources available today that has offers a quick review of energy incentive opportunities, organized by state, that  homeowners and contractors can pursue.
  • – A great resource to learn more about energy technology trends and get information on energy incentives.
  • Ozarks Electric Cooperative – Residential Energy Efficiency Loan Program
  • SourceGas – Just ask SourceGas; they’ll tell you Excess is Out!  This Arkansas operations link connects you to their rebate landing page.
  • SWEPCO – Get the latest rebate program information from South Western Electric Power Co’s along with great energy saving tips.


Other rebate assistance and tax incentive programs may be available depending on the type of project being developed or type of industry.

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