HERS Rating

Are you a homeowner trying to sell your home along with 10 other people in the neighborhood?  Or are you a builder trying to distinguish and validate your home as a high quality home?  HERS ratings are an excellent way to grab the attention of prospective buyers by giving them an actual quantitative score as to the energy efficiency as well as constructed quality of a home.

Pinnacle Energy Services’ residential division offers certified HERS Ratings and is equipped to perform comprehensive energy audits.  We offer both Projected Ratings (from plans only) as well as full Confirmed HERS Ratings using blower door and duct blaster performance testing. The HERS rating system is a nationally-recognized benchmark that gives a number score to homes and serves as a reliable basis to determine a home’s relative degree of efficiency.  This is especially true for builders and home owners seeking to differentiate their for-sale homes in the market. One way to think of a home’s HERS score is it being the residential equivalent of a vehicle’s MPG sticker.

The HERS Index Score is not only significant as an illustration of a home’s efficiency; it is also accepted by certain federal mortgage programs as a way to increase the amount buyers can qualify for to buy a home.

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