Home Energy Audit

A home energy audit is useful for a number of reasons, including discovery of where a home might be losing energy, analyzing the efficiency of systems or solving home comfort or health/safety problems. Our energy auditors can provide trouble shooting, diagnosis and recommendations for improvements in all these areas.  They’re experts at employing a variety of tools such as blower doors, duct blasters, IR thermographic cameras, combustion analyzers, carbon monoxide detectors and more.  If you’re tired about “guessing” as to the cause of comfort problems or would like to quantify the efficiency of your home, our staff can provide practical and actionable data to empower you in making the best decisions about your home.

One of the key deliveries of a Home Energy Audit is a final report that identifies Energy Conservation Opportunities (ECO’s) and ranks them in the order of how quickly they are expected to pay back.  Armed with this information homeowners can make informed decisions about the best strategies to use for everything from addressing appliance safety issues to reducing energy bill costs.

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