LEED Consulting

Corporate “Green Claims” are under unprecedented scrutiny today and the trend is towards transparency and independent third-party verification to legitimize sustainable initiatives.  LEED certification stands as one of the key tools building owners can use to improve their company’s triple bottom line of people, planet and profits while distinguishing themselves among peers and developing greater trust among stakeholders.  Additionally, it’s no surprise that pursuing a sustainable existence is often a challenging task; it never hurts, then, to formally acknowledge such worthwhile efforts.  Celebrate the victories!


Pinnacle Energy Services offers LEED consulting

Pinnacle Energy Services offers LEED certification consulting services wherein we work closely with all the stakeholders to execute their vision for a sustainable building project. LEED certification for new building construction or extensive building renovations requires integrated and collaborative efforts among all project stakeholders from the very beginning of the project’s development.

Our principal engineers are LEED AP’s (Accredited Professionals) in multiple areas. We manage entire LEED green building projects from the basic LEED online account setup and administration to developing full LEED implementation plans for a project.  Where LEED documentation notebooks are required, Pinnacle Energy Services can create and manage these to ensure project cumulative material credits are documented properly.

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